Responding instead of reacting to stress

Find peace and manage stress.

No therapy or meditation can prevent unpleasant things from happening in our lives.

Responding in stead of reacting to stress, allows for the possibility of working more wisely with thoughts and feelings as they emerge.

Whether it's for self-acceptance, self-nurturance, discipline, forgiveness or emotional balance, this workshop provides powerful tools for stress reduction.

Mindfulness Helps

  • Reduce the impact of stress

  • Prevent burnout

  • Boost immunity

  • Regulate depression and anxiety

  • Manage ADD/HD

  • Manage chronic pain

  • Develop self compassion

  • Excellent for insomnia


Course Structure


Part A: The Mindfulness Foundation Module:

Half day programme (4 CPD points AHPCSA)

  • Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation Approaches: Clarifying misperceptions

  • Training the mind to buy out of vicious cycles of thinking

  • Technique and principles of Mindfulness practice

  • Befriending your feelings: Cultivating gentle ways of responding to aversion and unpleasant feelings with greater allowance and acceptance

  • Mindfulness of the body



  • Introductory training in stress management exercises using mindfulness techniques


Part B: The Therapeutic Mindfulness Module:

Half day programme: 4 CPD points (AHPCSA)

  • The Mindfulness Based Cognitive Model of regulating thought & emotion

  • Acceptance vs Resistance

  • Treating insomnia



  • Introductory training in treatment for insomnia using mindfulness techniques

  • Gestalt therapy experiential exercise for working with acceptance & resistance

Limited seats available: Remember to book early!


Early-bird rate:  R450 for the morning

Normal Rate:     R550 per morning

3-4 hours depending on the size of the group

4 CPD points per module


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Insight Projects facilitate workshops in South Africa and Bali.